Herbal Tea Blend ‘Agros’


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This light-bodied refreshing tea can be enjoyed any time of the day. Lemon verbena and lemon balm release a delicate lemon taste which is enriched by the earthier citrus aftertaste of mountain tea. Pennyroyal and calendula with their unique aromas complement this unique character of AGROS.

Sustainability: When the contents are finished, reuse the compostable container and turn it into a pot! Follow the instructions on the back side of the label, find the organic seedstick and grow your own herbs. Play your part in environmental protection by applying the circular economy model and reduce waste.

Ingredients: Mountain tea*, Calendula*, Lemon verbena*, Lemon balm*, Pennyroyal*
*Product of organic farming

Notes: Light-bodied tisane with delicate citrus notes.

Occasion: Rejuvenating and refreshing.

Weight 0,80 kg

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